Hmong Museum Exhibitions

Hmong Museum Exhibitions in Chico right now!

Check out their website here:

Chico Museum | Valene I. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Chico Museum

Located at 141 Salem Street, Chico, CA 95928, Phone: 530-891-4336
Open: Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Grand opening:



All coordinated by Leader for Lifetime (L4L) Organization in Chico. Click here to get more information about L4L.

Check out another Museum only a few minute away!

Valene I. Smith Museum of Anthropology

3817 Anthropology Series F16 Poster

Museum Hours: January 10, 2017-July 27, 2017 Tuesday-Saturday 11-3

Closed between exhibitions. See exhibition schedule for specific dates. Note: The Museum of Anthropology is completely wheelchair accessible.

The museum is located in the Meriam Library complex.

Museum of Anthropology
CSU, Chico 95929-0400
Contact them:
Phone: 530-898-5397